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Residence Hall Studios (RHS) is the student-run studio that produces all of the content on the Housing 12.1 channel on UGA Cablevision. Our members control every aspect of the process: writing, production, and editing. Members write scripts, pitch them to the rest of the organization at scheduled pitch meetings, and vote on whether to produce (in which we film the script as a main project), support (in which we provide equipment and offer members the opportunity to participate), or deny a project, which rarely happens.

Our studio is located in Creswell Hall. If you're looking at the front entrance of Creswell, we are to the right with the RHS logo on the door. We are affiliated with and funded by University Housing and the Residence Hall Association, and at times we work closely with them. If you would like to learn more, you can contact anyone on our executive board, as shown below!



Justin Lee





Ryan Pak

Vice President of Business




Dylan Whitfield

Vice President of Media




Devonna Nickeo

Vice President of Communications




Patricia Rennison

Graduate Advisor